Insightec is the pioneer and global leader in Focused Ultrasound, helping people transform lives by delivering the therapeutic power of acoustic energy. Today, physicians are treating tremor from Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s Disease.


Syngenta is a leading science-based agtech company. The company help millions of farmers around the world to grow safe and nutritious food, while talking care of the planet.


BETAGRO is a leading group of companies in the integrated agriculture and food industry. Its core businesses include agriculture, food processing, livestock development, complemented by a host of diverse initiatives.


FESPA ASIA is ASEAN’s largest specialty print exhibition for screen, digital and textile print solutions, hosted by FESPA. Found in 1962, FESPA is a global federation of associations for the screen printing, digital printing and textile printing community. FESPA’s dual aim its to promote screen printing and digital imaging and to share knowledge about screen and digital printing with its members across the world, helping them to grow their businesses and learn about the latest developments in their fast growing industries.

Horeca Square

Horeca Square, B2B shopping center, the first HORECA business landmark in Thailand and the largest in ASEAN, is a comprehensive service center for SMEs and startup entrepreneurs in Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Bakeries and Catering businesses.

Tongkah Harbour PLC

Tongkah Harbour PLC is a leading organization in mineral resources and real estate industry with corporate governance that emphasizes on integral participation in order to create added value for shareholders together with sustainable society and environment growth.

Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand

Miracle Thailand’s “Thailand Impression” campaign highlights the achievement of world-class tourist development as a result of the department of tourism’s effective, efficient, and impression-building initiatives. Additionally, this programme will improve Thailand’s reputation as a tourist destination and highlight its strong and distinctive selling position as the region’s true tourism powerhouse during the 2015 ASEAN Economic Community.

VNU Asia Pacific

VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, Today is VNU Asia Pacific, a part of VNU Group, a globally operating exhibition company with offices in Utrecht, Shanghai, Bangkok and consolidates the international exhibition business of Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs. In Southeast Asia, Jaarbeurs formed a Joint Venture with TCC Group, a leading corporate conglomerate in the fast-growing region. From its business hub located in Bangkok, VNU Asia Pacific covers all key exhibition markets in South East Asia. VNU Asia Pacific has a constantly expanding portfolio with currently 19 trade shows and event formats both online and face-to-face platforms including brands from the AgriTech, Animal Husbandry, Animal Companion, Food, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, 5G and IoT and Disaster Resilience industries.

Office of the Public Sector Development Commission

Office of the Public Sector Development Commission (OCSC) together with government agencies in all sectors Accelerate the implementation of 4 proactive plans (Anti-Corruption Quick Win Program) along with promoting the Anti-Corruption Center (Anti-Corruption War Room) Open hotline (Call Center) 1206 to receive complaints about corruption. Report results directly to the Prime Minister’s Headquarters. Severely punish corrupt officials and honoring volunteers in fighting corruption.

Thai Red Cross Society

The public and the medical community have faith in the altruistic Organ Donation Centre, Thai Red Cross Society . To act as a focal point for national organ donation from the general population. Delivering information, news, and public relations regarding organ donation to the medical community and the general public in order to assist patients who require organ transplantation. To learn more, call 1666 or 02256-4045-6.

Ministry of Public Health

Ministry of Public Health has worked on Thailand development policy for Thailand as an international medical hub. Therefore will be held Thailand Medical Hub Expo 2012, presenting the competency and readiness of Thailand to be an international medical hub, during 30 August – 2 September 2012 at Impact Challenger 2-3, Muangthongthani, 10.00-12.00. This event is showed the new, latest and modern technology for health conscious consumer by leading clinics, hospitals, Thai traditional medicines organizations as well as offer various health and medical contents on seminars and workshops. Last but not least, will be a witness of the new records of Guinness World Records on Thai Massage.

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