In Brief

Since 2002, Market-Comms has thrived towards a strategic communications agency for delivering the best support to all kind of businesses in Thailand. 

Market-Comms shape your dream and create its reality as our promise “Market-Comms where your BRAND wishes come true.” 

Market-Comms is strategic communication agency with the skill set and client base of global agency. Establishing two decades ago, today Market-Comms is well-known as communication maven by international and local corporations.

More than 300 campaigns for local and international corporations

More than 1,000 media outlets including local and international news agencies

Last but not least, Market-Comms have specialized in conference and training services under the brand of APR training since 2004. APR training strongly concentrates on contents of communication arts and marketing management.

APR run the seminar and training on foundation of clients’ requirement and reflect the contemporary issues, on-going concerns, of the industry, market sector, concerned.

We provide the most valuable in-house and public training for the public and private sector.The highlight records include;

  • More than 150 training courses are provided.
  • More than 10,000 executives attended.
  • More than 500 expert presentations of strategic, managerial, technical, and exclusive informations report to our delegates.
  • More than 150 companies are authorizing speakers or delegates from leading Thai and World organizations.

As our experiences, conference and training agendas are formulated and provided uniquely and exclusively that meet your satisfaction and organization goals.

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