i Tara Resort and Spa

The first sand beach along the southern Gulf of Thailand coastline, which is in the province of Phetchburi, is where the I Tara resort and Spa is situated. Due to the building of the nearby road, this beach—which is still a very natural and serene location—has only recently gained recognition as a fantastic beach destination.

Airports of Thailand Plc

Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (Plc), or AOT, was established from the corporatization of the Airports Authority of Thailand, a state enterprise. It became a public company on 30 September 2002, with a total registered capital of THB 14,285,700,000, divided into 1,428,570,000 ordinary shares at a par value of THB 10. The Ministry of Finance is the largest shareholder with a 70% stake, with the other 30% held by institutional and retail investors.

Charn Issara Development PLC.

Charn Issara Development Public Company Limited is one of the forefronts in Thailand’s real estate development. For over the past three decades, Charn Issara has grown dramatically and continuously not only in terms of financial turnover and employees, but also in our ability to offer new heights of quality living through housing innovations.

The National Anti-Corruption Committee

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) of Thailand is an independent government agency responsible for investigating and combating corruption in Thailand. It receives and investigates complaints of corruption involving state officials, has the power to gather evidence, recommend prosecution, freeze assets, and impose penalties. The NACC also promotes anti-corruption measures, provides education and training on corruption prevention, and monitors the assets and liabilities of public officials. It operates with a mandate of impartiality and transparency, and its commissioners are appointed by the King of Thailand on the recommendation of the Senate.

Tourism Authority of Thailand

The Tourism Authority of Thailand, TAT is a state enterprise under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, has a mission to promote tourism in Thailand. TAT has continuously spent more than half a century promoting the country’s tourism until today. With the clear vision for world-class excellence in the promotion of modern tourism marketing, TAT has attached significance to sustainable tourism and the promotion of the identities and grace of Thainess, to create the balance of economic, social and environmental concerns.

Ministry of Commerce

Thailand’s Best Friends 2010 is the project implemented in line with the strategy to maintain and promote close relationship with purchasers/overseas importers of Thai products.  This project has applied the strategy of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by focusing on impressing importers and taking good care of them as a VIP guest to arouse the pride of overseas dominant importers in ordering Thai products. 


SiLASIK will manage the service teaching and learning to have quality and efficiency that meets worldwide standards. Utilizing the expertise, skills, and service-mindedness of staff at all levels with a focus on the service users as the center. providing service consumers with knowledge, information, and guidance among other things. and thoroughly interested individuals in order to maximize consumer happiness.

Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall

Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall represents a momentous milestone in which a wide range of invaluable, historical accounts on Rattanakosin era are properly compiled and maintained in such a never-before-seen fashion whilst availing itself of modern, realistic state of the art multimedia technologies that have proven of great service to its museum but for the first time in Kingdom of Thailand.

Electricity Generating Public Company Limited

The Electricity Generating Public Company Limited or EGCO Group is the leading Thai integrated power company which provides electricity generation and comprehensive energy services. With the corporate philosophy to grow business over a long term, EGCO Group efficiently runs our electricity generating business while taking care of the environment and the society to maintain the balance between economics return and social and environment contribution which will lead to national sustainable development.

NCC Exhibition Organizer

N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Co.,Ltd. or NEO – a subsidiary of N.C.C. Management & Development Co. Ltd. – is an organizer/manager of international-scale trade fairs, exhibitions and other events. It offers a full range of services from planning, marketing, and sales to public relations and evaluation. For 2007, eight major events are planned: the international-scale events are VIV Asia , and ILDEX and the national-scale shows are Thailand Travel and Dive Expo Wedding Fair, Amazing Thailand Grand Sale, Pet Expo Thailand, Health, Beauty and Diet Festival and Thailand Bestbuys.

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