Ministry of Public Health

Ministry of Public Health has worked on Thailand development policy for Thailand as an international medical hub. Therefore will be held Thailand Medical Hub Expo 2012, presenting the competency and readiness of Thailand to be an international medical hub, during 30 August – 2 September 2012 at Impact Challenger 2-3, Muangthongthani, 10.00-12.00. This event is showed the new, latest and modern technology for health conscious consumer by leading clinics, hospitals, Thai traditional medicines organizations as well as offer various health and medical contents on seminars and workshops. Last but not least, will be a witness of the new records of Guinness World Records on Thai Massage.


Market-Comms provided strategic communication continuously during the thailand campaign to delivering Brand Awareness and Knowledge for local and international consumers.

Thailand Medical Hub Expo 2012



Strategic communication campaign for local and international consumers.


  • Build a global awareness on the new records of Guinness World Records on Thai Massage.
  • Promote the iconic event of medical hub as the key power for Thailand.


  • Press release
  • Press tour
  • Press conference


  • PR Value > 50 Million baht per project
  • Potential viewers > 100 Miliion

Some Executions of the Campaigns

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