BOI Showcases Thailand’s PCB Industry, Prepares for THECA 2024

The Board of Investment (BOI), in collaboration with the Thai Printed Circuit Association and the Hong Kong Printed Circuit Association, organized a media tour to visit two major printed circuit board (PCB and PCBA) manufacturers: Aurum Electronics Co., Ltd. in Bangpoo Industrial Estate and KCE Electronics Public Co., Ltd. in Lat Krabang Industrial Estate on May 29, 2024. This visit aims to demonstrate the capabilities of Thailand’s PCB and PCBA manufacturers, which play a crucial role in the development of the country’s electronics industry.

Currently, Thailand is the leading producer of PCB and PCBA in ASEAN and a key industry for BOI’s strategic focus, as it serves as a foundational industry that can drive growth in other target industries. This event is part of the Thailand Electronics Circuit Asia (THECA) exhibition, which will be held from July 24-26, 2024, at BITEC, Bangkok.

Thailand Electronics Circuit Asia

Miss Patcharada Nawakawongkarn, Director of theThai Enterprise Development Division at the BOI, stated that the investment in PCB and PCBA manufacturing in Thailand has been expanding amid geopolitical challenges. This shift has led to the relocation of production bases to stable countries. With government support and Thailand’s comprehensive and robust supply chain, the country has become an attractive destination for PCB and PCBA manufacturers, boosting the national industry.

The BOI emphasizes the promotion of PCB and PCBA manufacturing because these components are integral to electronic devices and can link to other target industries, such as electric vehicles, smart appliances, digital systems, computers, automation, and robotics. Over the past two years, the BOI has approved more than 40 projects related to electronic circuit board manufacturing, with a total investment value exceeding 150 billion baht.

Thailand Electronics Circuit Asia

“The entry of leading international companies will enhance Thailand’s economic potential in the long term. The THECA exhibition, hosted by the BOI, will serve as a crucial platform connecting entrepreneurs and investors, fostering growth, and advancing electronic technology and innovation in Thailand to compete in the global market,” said Miss Patcharada.

THECA will feature the latest technologies and innovations in electronics from leading manufacturers and service providers worldwide. It will also present information on investment benefits, government support, and opportunities for business networking and collaboration through business matching activities.

A significant activity of THECA 2024 includes a visit to two exemplary plants showcasing electronic circuit innovation: Aurum Electronics Co., Ltd. and KCE Electronics Public Co., Ltd. These visits will provide case studies and best practices in management and operations for industry entrepreneurs.

Thailand Electronics Circuit Asia

Auromex : Sustainable Electronic Circuit Production

Mr. Swaek Prakitritanon, Vice President of the Thai Printed Circuit Association and President of Auromex Co., Ltd., emphasized the importance of precision in electronic circuit production technology and the careful selection of chemical materials to suit high-technology products such as AI servers, 5G telecommunications equipment, satellite communication devices, and smart vehicles. Auromex prioritizes using effective and environmentally friendly chemical technologies in the plating and coating processes, contributing significantly to the advancement of Thailand’s electronic products to global standards.

Auromex, with over 57 years in surface plating and coating technology, meets the needs of various industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, and furniture. It plays a key role in supporting the PCB industry, essential for modern technology and smart devices.

The company adheres to global environmental regulations, such as RoHS, WEEE, and ELV, and holds ISO 9001:14001 certification, ensuring effective environmental management in production to reduce pollution and handle electronic waste properly. “Investing in green technology and strict environmental regulations is crucial for Aurum Electronics to maintain sustainability and quality growth,” Mr. Sawaek concluded.

Thailand Electronics Circuit Asia

KCE: Excellence in Electronic Circuit Technology and Global Recognition

Mr. Pithan Ongkosit, President of the Thai Printed Circuit Association and CEO of KCE Electronics Public Co., Ltd., highlighted the continuous need for advanced electronic technology in products using electrical circuits and smart electronic devices. KCE has significantly contributed to developing and innovating high-quality, high-tech electronic circuit boards, including High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs, meeting high market demand and maintaining its market leadership, generating substantial revenue for Thailand’s economy.

Founded in 1982, KCE is a globally renowned PCB manufacturer, serving key customers in automotive, telecommunications, and medical industries, exporting products to Europe, the United States, China, Malaysia, and Japan, major export markets for Thai electronic products.

Thailand Electronics Circuit Asia

Beyond business success, KCE has received prestigious awards, including the CAC Change Agent Award for organizational transformation leadership, Thailand’s Top Corporate Brand Hall of Fame, Excellent CG Scoring for corporate governance, and I-EA-T Sustainable Awards for sustainability in operations.

Mr. Pithan concluded that advancing Thailand’s electronics industry requires collaboration from all sectors. The partnership between the Thai Printed Circuit Association and BOI in organizing THECA provides a platform for Thai and international entrepreneurs to exchange technology and build networks, promoting Thailand as a global hub for PCB production and export, leading to sustainable development and stable economic growth for the country.

Thailand Electronics Circuit Asia
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