Gender Equality @Workplace

What is the best way to put the concept into action when it comes to LGBT+ and equality? “Gender Equality” is part of a growing global need for corporations and institutions to pursue “sustainable” activities. covid-19 has resulted in a greater gender disparity, according to a report released by the World Economic Forum.

Sustainability $ Diversity Issues

How can gender equality goals be included as part of a company’s or an organization’s long-term success?

Presented in Thai language by Dr. Nattavud Pimpa, Chair in Sustainability & A, College of Management, Mahidol University. In partnership with Diversity in Thailand.

Recognizing the Foundations of Diversity

What makes diversity such a driving force for real success? Every employee should feel like they have a place in the office. In the workplace, they are welcomed and accepted. It’s not just about the employees’ well-being; it’s also about the company’s success. Diverse workforces perform better and exceed their peers in general.

Presented in Thai language by Sean Rachatasorach Human Resources Specialist In partnership with Diversity in Thailand.

Starting D&I from Scratch

According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), 50% of all workers from underrepresented groups view bias as part of their daily work experience (based on a survey of 16,500 employees from organizations throughout the world). Discrimination at work, whether intentional or unintentional, can have a negative impact on an employee’s productivity. This topic will show you how a single individual may have a significant impact in an international banking firm based in Bangkok.

Presented in Thai language by Pitchayaanit (REI) Panawiwattanakarn, CEO & Founder, REIVENUE Consulting (a former employee of one of the world’s largest banking companies) In partnership with Diversity in Thailand.

Creating a Safe Space in Campus

Creating a safe space in campus: A case study of Diversity in Education at Faculty of Law, Thammasat University A lecturer and a group of students joined together to provide unprecedented support for their LGBT+ students. Every university’s objective is to provide a safe environment for everyone. However, not all educational institutions are aware of this.

Learn about the beginnings of the historic journey to the swift implementation of building a safe space for LGBT+ students and staff.

Presented in Thai language by Dr. Pananya Larbprasertporn Law TU, Health & Wellness Thammasat University. In partnership with Diversity in Thailand.

Training and Test in Focus

When the “Diversity, Inclusivity, and Allyship” program is not just a group gathering or a training course, it is used as a performance measure for employees. In a training and a test, how may the program be implemented to meet the objective? It also necessitates that you pass it! Learn more about Microsoft’s stringent procedures.

Presented in Thai language by Suparluck Suparpkul DI &A Committee, Microsoft. In partnership with Diversity in Thailand.

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