Bangchak Ignites AI Power in Communications and Marketing Teams, Aiming for New-Age Skill Development

The Bangchak Corporation PLC (Bangchak) recently held a seminar focused on enhancing Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills and knowledge within its communications and marketing teams at the company’s headquarters. The goal was to foster awareness and understanding of effective AI utilization in the communications and marketing sectors.


In an era of rapid global changes, employing AI for data analysis, trend forecasting, and content creation has become a vital tool. This enables the company’s communications and marketing departments to better meet objectives and impress customers. Ms. Gloyta Nathalang, Acting Senior Executive Vice President, Sustainability Management and Corporate Communications at Bangchak, emphasized the significance of AI in enhancing and augmenting the company’s communications and marketing capabilities.


The event was honored by the presence of Mr. Sarawut Burapapat, an expert and scholar in modern communication, who shared insights and experiences on various aspects of AI, including content creation, data analysis, and technology adaptation, to elevate communication and marketing strategies in the digital age.


This seminar not only offered participants an opportunity to deepen their understanding of AI but also prepared the team for future challenges and changes by maximizing the benefits of AI.

“AI is not just a technology of the future; it is a tool of today that enables us to communicate with our customers in a personalized manner, allowing us to understand and respond to their needs quickly and efficiently.”

Mr. Sarawut Burapapat, Strategic Advisor.

Bangchak Corporation is committed to developing and enhancing the capabilities of its team while promoting innovation and new technologies. This commitment is part of driving the company towards digital era success and reflects its readiness to be a continuous leader in sustainability and innovation.

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