CAT Telecom

CAT Telecom Public Company Limited was corporatised from the Communications Authority of Thailand under the Corporatisation Act B.E. 2542. All business, rights and obligations, assets and liabilities related to telecommunication of the Communications Authority of Thailand were transferred to the newly established CAT to ensure the seamless Continuity of operations and service provision.

CAT provides different kinds of satellite telecommunication services throughout Thailand as well as in other countries all over the world, such as the satellite television broadcasting service, the high speed circuit service, and international call service.  At the present time, CAT is capable of providing satellite telecommunication services either domestically or internationally, such as THAICOM, ABS, ASIASAT, MEASAT, VIANASAT, PALAPA, AGILA, INTELSAT, and NSS.

Market-Comms provided risk management event during 2006-2007 to delivering RISK Awareness and Knowledge among CAT people.

CAT Telecom



Strategic execution for 2 years consecutive.


  • Risk awareness and activation
  • Edutainment program


  • Internal communication
  • Risk signature events


  • All CAT people attend the events.
  • More than 80% of risk knowledge and awareness among CAT people.

Some Executions of the Campaigns

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