Market-Comms Co., Ltd. Marks 20 Years of Excellence in Strategic Communications

Market-Comms Co., Ltd. (MCOMMS), public relations agency, a pioneering force in strategic communications, is proud to mark its 20th anniversary of delivering top-tier support to businesses across Thailand. Since its inception in 2002, Market-Comms has been synonymous with transforming aspirations into reality, epitomizing its motto: “Market-Comms, where your BRAND wishes come true.”


With a stellar track record, Market-Comms has executed over 300 successful campaigns for both local and international corporations, nurturing relationships with more than 1,000 media outlets, including prominent local and international news agencies.

“Market-Comms stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of strategic communications,” remarked Sarawut Burapapat, CEO and Founder of Market-Comms Co., Ltd. “Our commitment to providing tailored communication consultancy with measurable impact underscores our dedication to our clients’ success.”

The agency offers a comprehensive suite of professional communication services, including Public Relations, Digital Communication, Issue and Crisis Communication, Brand/Market/Consumer Research, and Conference and Training.

With specialized expertise in Agriculture, Consumer Products and Services, Energy and Mining, Education, Government Campaigns, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Trade and Exhibition Shows, Market-Comms is uniquely positioned to address diverse communication needs.


“Effective communication is the bedrock of business success,” said Mr. Sarawut Burapapat. “At Market-Comms, we blend passion, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail to craft impactful campaigns that resonate with audiences.”

Having witnessed the evolution of the PR landscape over 20 years, Market-Comms offers insights into the 2024 PR dynamics in Thailand. Today, Thailand’s PR industry is a dynamic fusion of tradition and innovation, navigating cultural nuances and adapting to evolving industry trends. As a key economic hub in Southeast Asia, Thailand offers a rich and intricate environment for PR practitioners to explore and navigate.

1. Cultural Context: Thai society’s emphasis on interpersonal relationships and respect for hierarchy deeply influences communication styles and business interactions. The concept of “face” in Thai culture guides PR professionals in managing public perception and reputation.

2. Media Landscape: Thailand’s media landscape is diverse, encompassing print, broadcast, online, and social media platforms. While traditional outlets retain influence, digital platforms are gaining ground, especially among younger demographics.

3. Government Relations: PR strategies in Thailand are shaped by close ties between government agencies and businesses, where regulatory compliance and stakeholder engagement are pivotal. Navigating government initiatives and policies requires a nuanced understanding of political dynamics and public sentiment.

4. Industry Diversity: Thailand’s diverse economic sectors present a spectrum of PR opportunities and challenges, influencing tailored approaches to PR activities based on unique communication needs, target audiences, and regulatory frameworks.

5. Emergence of Influencer Culture: Influencer marketing has surged in Thailand, with social media influencers wielding significant influence over consumer behavior and brand perception. Collaborations with influencers are seamlessly integrated into PR strategies, providing brands novel avenues to connect with diverse audiences.

6. Digital Transformation: The digital shift has revolutionized the PR landscape, empowering practitioners with tools such as data analytics, online monitoring, and digital storytelling. Social media platforms serve as dynamic channels for brand communication, crisis management, and community engagement.

Understanding Thailand’s intricate PR landscape is imperative for crafting effective communication strategies, nurturing meaningful stakeholder relationships, and navigating the evolving media terrain. As PR professionals adapt to emerging trends and embrace innovation, they play a pivotal role in shaping public discourse and driving brand narratives in Thai society.

As Market-Comms commemorates two decades of excellence, businesses are invited to collaborate in crafting communication strategies that elevate their brands and set them apart in the marketplace.

About Market-Comms Co.,Ltd

Established in 2002, Market-Comms is a leading strategic communications agency in Thailand, specializing in providing tailored communication solutions for businesses across diverse sectors. With a proven track record of success, Market-Comms continues to be a trusted partner in shaping and elevating brands through impactful communication strategies.

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