Miracle Thailand “Thailand Impression

Chumpol bold tourism revenue 2M Million baht at the year 2015 and ask for all Thai support as well launches mega event of Miracle Thailand “Thailand Impression” with concept of Cheap, Good and Free things.

Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand by Mr. Chumpol Silpa-archa assigned Department of Tourism, launches mega event to boost up tourism business for Thai people in the name of Miracle Thailand “Thailand Impression” with concept of Cheap, Good and Free things in cooperation with government and private business sectors. This event offers the special deals of travel package, accommodation and souvenir during 26-27 June 2012, 10.00AM-08.00PM at Bangkok Convention Center 5th floor and event area in front of Central Plaza Ladproa.


Mr. Chumpol Silpa-archa, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Ministry of Tourism and Sports revealed that “Thailand tourism is continuously growing even last year there were flooding and political crisis but the Thailand tourism industry is revived rapidly because Thailand are outstanding and diversified tourist resources, unique lifestyle and culture which the traveler are interested in. Last year, 2011, there is 19.23 Million travelers and they generated the revenue to Thailand 776K Million baht. Today even there is economics crisis at Europe but foreign travellers are more coming to Thailand than the same period at last year, January – May, up to 7%. The government targets total revenue of travel sector 2M Million baht by the year 2015 as well as the target can’t beat if there are not supported from all government and private sectors including all Thai people by promoting the sustainable tourism.”

Mr.Supol Sripan as Director – General in Department of Tourism said that “As the tourism promotion  government  policy in the year 2012, Miracle Thailand year, Department of Tourism is to be responsible for tourism of Thailand, especially, the tourism development on the tourism sites, tourism industry, and domestic guides in order to be qualified as the same standard by aiming to sustainably benefit the Thai economy, society, and culture. Furthermore is to commemorate three auspicious occasions of the 85th Anniversary of His Majesty the King. Therefore Miracle Thailand “Thailand Impression” objectives are to promote the activities and performance in term of effective, efficiency and impression by Department of Tourism.


Miracle Thailand “Thailand Impression” will be held during 26-27 June 2012, 10.00AM-08.00PM at Bangkok Convention Center 5th floor and event area in front of Central Plaza Ladproa

The shows present the efficiency of Department of Tourism, other related organization and travel business sector in various activities such as exhibitions, seminars, performances, booths and travel businesses. All visitors will enjoy the spectacular products, services, shows in concept of Cheap, Good and Free. The event details are as the showcase of the Royal Duties and Intelligence of His Majesty the King, Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, The showcase of Department of Tourism, Tourist Police and The Association of Domestic Travel, the showcase of Miracle Smiles, free seminar ofMiracle Thailand “Thailand Impression” and how to impress the tourist, the mini concert by Aof Pongsak AF1, New Jew The Star and the promotion products and services zone such as package tours, best deal accommodation, souvenirs, OTOP booths.

“Miracle Thailand “Thailand Impression” is to emphasize the accomplishment of the tourism development at world standard level based on effective, efficiency and impression program by Department of Tourism. Moreover this program will enhance the Thailand tourism image and present the strong and unique selling point as the tourism hub of ASEAN truly at ASEAN Economics Community on 2015” Director concluded.

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