TCC Land, Joining Forces with VNU Exhibitions Europe, Established VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, Thai-Dutch Organizer, to Gear Thailand toward the Hub of MICE in Asia Pacific.

TCC Land under the management of Mr. Soammaphat Traisorat and Mrs. Wallapa Traisorat led TCC Exhibition and Convention Center Co., Ltd. to the joint venture with VNU Exhibitions Europe Co., Ltd., Europe’s top five trade show and exhibition management company from the Netherlands.  Both companies established VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. to manage trade shows, exhibitions and conferences.  With business-to-business focus, the company uses the expertise and experience from both organizations and is determined to drive Thailand to become the hub of MICE in Asia Pacific.

Mr. Gerard Willem Leeuwenburgh, Managing Director of VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd., revealed that “VNU Exhibitions Europe foresees Thailand’s potential for being the MICE hub in Asia Pacific. Thailand, especially Bangkok, has a very attractive location with the best infrastructure and service-minded people.  Furthermore, the collaboration between VNU Exhibitions Europe and TCC Land that provides all-inclusive services and has strong management ability ensures that Thailand will become Asia Pacific’s MICE hub to support the government’s policy on ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.

The company focuses on organizing trade shows, exhibitions and conferences related to agriculture.  It turns crops into the food as one of four basic elements in our everyday life.  The Company’s operation will give Thai farmers a chance to learn and exchange ideas and concept to improve the potential, quality and safety of agriculture as well as earning more income.  It is also a channel for Thai farmers to meet local and international business alliances while Thai consumers receive an opportunity to buy safe and high-quality products at a reasonable price.”

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Being the main organizing venue, Thailand will be better known among the target groups as the country with agricultural knowledge, expertise and ability, leading to the reputation in the global stage.   VIV Asia is especially an example of international event that made fame for Thailand as the world’s leading feed producer.  Therefore, related organizations or businesses in Thailand have gained attention from around the world and can create partners or business alliances more easily at the international level.

“In addition, the company has done the promotion to invite local and international exhibitors as well as local and international visitors to join the trade shows and exhibitions it organized.  Each event causes a huge cash flow in the system via the spending on hotels, restaurants, tourism and many more.  For example, VIV Asia welcomed more than 30,000 visitors, consisting of 20,000 foreigners and 10,000 Thai.  Throughout the event, it generated more than 450 million baht.

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Mrs. Ladda Mongkolchaivivat, General Manager of VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd., said, “This collaboration will bring together knowledge, potentiality and ability in both companies, helping the company to compete at the international level, both in Europe and Asia Pacific.  At the same time, it expands the business network and partnership, helping the trade show and exhibition management serve the needs of partners’ markets or business in 24 European and Asia Pacific countries.  It comprehensively includes the exchange of ideas, techniques, procedures and technologies on agriculture and livestock.

Furthermore, it combines the expertise of Netherlands and Thailand, outstanding as agricultural and livestock countries.  This will bring positive result to the business of both countries.  It not only generates exchange of knowledge, technology and management, but also supports and offers a marketing opportunity to Thailand, Netherlands and neighboring countries.  Especially, this partnership will help Thailand grow and become the center of agriculture and livestock in Asia Pacific.

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Moreover, exhibitors and visitors will receive high return on investment.  The exhibitors of trade shows, exhibitions and academic conferences have a chance to enter high-quality market through the events.  At the same time, visitors can meet several expert organizations, which will help sparkle ideas and suggest management direction for their organization. Furthermore, exhibitors and visitors receive an opportunity to continuously exchange thoughts and learn new ideas and technologies,” added Mrs. Ladda.

The business plan for exhibitions, trade shows and conferences can be divided into four categories: 1.) Industry and service of agriculture, horticulture, seedlings, fruits and flowers 2.) Industry and service of feeds and livestock 3.) Industry and service of animals and pets 4.) Industry and service of science, research, test and scientific tools.

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In 2012–2013, the company plans to organize seven events.  Three events that will soon take place include Horti Asia 2012 featuring International tradeshow for horticultural and floricultural production and processing Technology from May 9 to 11, Thailand Lab 2012 showcasing The 2nd comprehensive Asia’s exhibition and conference on laboratory, scientific equipment and technology from September 26 to 28 and PET-VET Asia Expo 2012 exhibiting Asia’s top trade fair for the pet and animal health industry, veterinary supplies and equipment from October 10 to 12.  Four events that were already organized consist of ILDEX Vietnam 2012, ILDEX Bangkok 2012, Pig, Poultry & Dairy Focus Asia 2012 และ VIV/ILDEX India 2012.

Finally, VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. is strongly determined to be the most valued professional business to business trade exhibition organizer in Asia Pacific by creating the most valuable and sustainable contacts between people in the markets we serve.  As the main driving engine, it will also take part in promoting Thailand as the hub of MICE in Asia Pacific.

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