5th anniversary of Suvarnabhumi Airport is to thank all passengers.

The Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited launches “5 Power 5 @ Suvarnabhumi Airport” event upon celebrating the 5th anniversary of Suvarnabhumi Airport with lucky drawn prizes totaling Baht 5 Million. 


Mr. Nirandra Theeranartsin, Senior Executive Vice President (Regional Airports) Acting President, the Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited revealed that the 5thAnniversary of Suvarnabhumi Airport on September 28, 2011, the Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited joint with King Power Group of Companies launches the “5 Power 5 @ Suvarnabhumi Airport” event from September 1st till November 15th, 2011. The event will provide 5 unique Suvarnabhumi Airport information at “5 Power 5 @ Suvarnabhumi Airport” booth with details below; 

  1. 5 well known tourist places in Thailand where journeys start from Suvarnabhumi Airport to various destinations, including Bangkok, Chiang ,  Chiang ,  Hat Yai  and Phuket 
  2. 5 favorite Thai dishes at Suvarnabhumi Airport are Massaman curry, Pad Thai, Tom Yum Koong, Green curry, and Sticky rice with mango.
  3. 5 popular shopping items at Suvarnabhumi Airport are beautiful Thai silk products, package food products, souvenirs, flowers, spa products and services. 
  4. 5 impressive services offered at Suvarnabhumi Airport including sitting areas for passengers connecting flights, free souvenir at special events, services by heart and smiles, other facilities and religious rooms. 
  5. 5 attractive places inside Suvarnbhumi Airport are Churning of the milk ocean sculpture, golden throne, golden wood pavilion, throne placed the Buddha’s relics, and 12 giant guardian sculptures.

“5 Power 5 @ Suvarnabhumi Airport” booth is located on the 4th floor of the eastern concourse D, not only provides the unique and highlight of Suvarnbhumi Airport but also offers games and special souvenirs all day. Moreover the passenger can bring the memorable photographs at Suvarnabhumi Airport to our booth staff and the passenger will get a special gift of the 5th anniversary of Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Mr.Nirandra said “the Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited and King Power Group of Companies created the marketing promotion event for the passengers. The passenger who are eligible to win prizes, are to purchase items or receive services from participating shops at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Lucky winners will win prizes totaling Baht 5 million, each prize amounts to Baht 1 million. The organizer will draw lucky winners and announce names of lucky winners on November 17th and the ceremony to give 5 prizes to lucky winners will be on December 16th, 2011 at Suvarnabhumi Airport.”

“From September 28, 2011, Suvarnabhumi Airport has strived toward the excellent of comprehensive range services to provide comfortable, fast and safety services with various recreation programs all through the year for the passengers. Suvarnabhumi Airport aims to be the one of the World Best Airports. The policy of this year, the Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited is to do as Airport of Smiles. We, all Suvarnabhumi Airport staff, will do by heart give warm welcome, smile and take good care of passengers from around the world as well as make them good impression. Then, this September, we will hold “5 Power 5 @ Suvarnabhumi Airport” event to thank all passengers.” said Mr. Nirandra.


Mr. Sombat Dechapanichkul, Group Vice President, King Power Group of Companiesremarked about the worth of Baht 5 million lucky drawn event that “the passengers can win the prize easily by do shopping and dining at Suvarnabhumi Airport. For shopping lovers, buy at least 5,000 baht at participating stores or Exchange money at the foreign exchange booths inside Suvarnabhumi Airport from Baht 5,000 and above, can get one lucky draw coupon. And dining lovers, dine and pay at least 500 baht at participating stores, can get one lucky draw coupon also. King Power Group of Companies introduces 5 popular shopping items at Suvarnabhumi Airport including well known and good reputation Thai silk products, Thai package fruits food products, souvenirs, orchids and spa products.”

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