PEA proudly presents “PEA presents EcoLightTech Asia 2014” setting the goal for Thailand to become a leader in energy conservation and lighting innovation of ASEAN


PEA proudly presents “PEA presents EcoLightTech Asia 2014” setting the goal for Thailand to become a leader in energy conservation and lighting innovation of ASEAN

The Provincial Electricity Authority or PEA announced to host “PEA presents EcoLightTech Asia 2014” with help from NCC Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd. or NEO as the event organizer during 12-14 November 2014, from 10.00-18.00 at the Plenary Hall, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. Under the concept of “Light for Life,” this event is expected to help turn energy conservation policy into practice, and to encourage the private sector to give 100% loan in energy saving technology to support and assist Thai entrepreneurs in lighting industry for global competition. Leading enterprises in Thailand and abroad are also welcome to exhibit their innovations, and open trading platforms for business negotiations. All of these will contribute to achieving the ultimate goal of Thailand to become the hub of energy conserving innovations and the lighting technology market of ASEAN. 

Mr. Numchai Lowattanatakul, Governor of PEA, revealed that “PEA has a clear policy to promote energy conservation and energy efficiency in households and industries by offering incentives for entrepreneurs to invest in new energy saving devices, and by encouraging households to reduce electricity consumption in a practical way. Meanwhile, PEA is also supporting several researches to develop and set standards for electrical appliances and energy saving buildings.”

Being the host of “PEA presents EcoLightTech Asia 2014”, Thailand emphatically reinforces the guidelines and frameworks for industrial entrepreneurs because we realizes their importance as a major factor that drives the economy and forms a firm foundation of social development and environmental sustainability. As a result, PEA has set out plans in three aspects.

In terms of policy, PEA promotes energy efficiency through Eco Light Technology. Accordingly, an innovative energy-saving light bulb or LED lighting has been developed. LED helps reduce production costs and can be designed and applied to a wide range of applications. Other environmental projects supported by PEA include “PEA 1 Save 1 Baht” for industrial sector, and PEA 1 Save 2 Baht for SMEs to encourage a sustainable and tangible energy saving practice.

In terms of network, the PEA alliance network, the leader in lighting and energy efficiency has coordinated with lighting groups and other networks in the country and abroad. This cooperation ensures that this event will attract quality personnel, experts in electrical power and lighting, and leading entrepreneurs to exchange and share the latest ideas in lighting innovations. At the same time, the event will be a platform for trade negotiations, businesses and other related industries from electronic components to ready-made products. All of these will be utmost beneficial for the development of energy technology and intelligent energy consumption.

In terms of knowledge, innovation, and technology, PEA is like a meeting place of luminaries and experts in various fields of energy conservation. PEA also invests in a lot of prototypes in technology for multiple applications in the future. And in this event, PEA will put its latest work in automobile innovation on display, including motorcycle and a complete Electric Vehicle: EV, which can be used practically. Simulated environments in energy efficient buildings of the future, such as an energy efficient office, a green energy hotel room, and a LED-powered luxury car showroom, coupled with a practical workshop will be included in the exhibition. Entrepreneurs will have a chance to absorb and apply this knowledge to practical use.

Mr.Sakchai Patarapreechakul, Managing Director of NCC group added that, “The feedback after the declaration that PEA will be hosting EcoLightTech Asia 2014, the trade show of innovative energy-efficient lighting technology for the second time was very impressive and has made this event even more interesting in the international level. Because of the success from last year’s event that attracted over 80 top entrepreneurs who were interested in joining the exhibition, and more than 4,000 visitors from 10 countries in the ASEAN region such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Myanmar and Indonesia resulting in a turnover of up to 3,000 million baht, we can be sure that the event this year will soar into the international level. Thailand will be upgraded in a variety of aspects, such as the development and promotion of energy conservation in the national level, the country’s economy through the trading platform in lighting industry, and the development in knowledge, innovation and technology in order to keep the nation competitive in the the ASEAN market. We wish to see Thailand being elevated as the hub of innovation, energy conservation, and lighting technology market of ASEAN”

The agreement signing will certify PEA and NEO as partners who will join hands in creating opportunities and advantages in energy saving lighting industry for entrepreneurs in order to compete and be prepared for the coming challenges from the opening of the ASEAN Economic Community.

Mrs. Jaruwan Suwannasat, Director of Exhibitons and Events Department, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) (TCEB), in revealing the role of TCEB as a co-host, said, “TCEB plays an important role on PEA presents EcoLightTech Asia 2014 as the second times after the first show accomplishment with high quality tradeshow and getting along with TCEB policy. Importantly, it helps boost up the lighting industrial business network and has never been before in ASEAN. PEA presents EcoLightTech Asia 2014 is one of the significant trade shows where TCEB has rendered our full support with international marketing communication activities to raise the show profile and attract international participants such as Connect Businesses campaign for group of international visitors and BE MY GUEST campaign for individual international visitor. In the year 2015, Thailand’s MICE industry is expected to grow up to 30% with the target of 300,000 international visitors and revenue of 30,000 Million baht.

Mr. Photjanart Sangpruaksa, First Vice President of Kasikorn Bank, as exclusive financial supporter for trade visitors said that, “Kasikorn Bank recognizes the importance of social development as well as the good governance in business; therefore, we support any environmentally friendly businesses by providing energy saving loan or “K Top-Up Loan for Energy Saving (Lighting Solutions)” to help operators reduce business costs, especially electricity costs which account for approximately 10% of the total cost. Kasikorn Bank is willing to offer 100% credit of the total investment needed in order to change light bulbs. The loan will cover the costs of LED bulbs, installation and other important procedures. No collateral is required for loan application, and the approval will be processed within 2 business days with a guaranteed payback in 3 years.”

“For entrepreneurs interested in joining the show, NEO, as the event manager of the “2nd PEA presents EcoLightTech Asia 2014,” has created plans to tap the international market. It is expected to create a higher trading value of up to 5 billion Baht by implementing marketing plans in 3 major countries including Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. We also team up with overseas business partners to carry out a proactive plan in the markets of China, Korea, Japan, India, Taiwan and Singapore. We are confident that throughout the event, over 5000-8000 visitors from around the world will be attracted to this remarkable opportunity. For further information, please visit, or contact us by phone at 02 203 4261-2 from Monday – Friday,” said Mr. Sakchai.

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