BETAGRO Group launches the “BETAGRO PRO GOLF QUALITY” project, presenting 6 talented rising star professional golfers to fight their ways for the world’s champions. 

BETAGRO Group announces 6 rising star golfers in the BETAGRO PRO GOLF QUALITY project, a campaign that supports Thai professional golfers who embody professional excellence and personal integrity. Thongchai Jaidee or Pro Chang, BETAGRO’s first global brand ambassador, welcomes the 6 golfers to BETAGRO family. This supports will help to make their dreams of competing in global tournaments come true, bringing victories, and pride to the people of Thailand.

Mr. Vasit Taepaisitphongse, President of BETAGRO Group, held a press conference to promote 6 rising star golfers in the “BETAGRO PRO GOLF QUALITY” project which supports promising Thai golfers who are high in skills and integrity to compete in world class golf programs and become world’s champions, bringing pride and prestige to Thailand. The 6 new golfers—Natipong Srithong or Pro James, Danthai Boonma or Pro Dan, Pravit Tangkamolprasert or Pro Chai, Saraporn Chamcoi or Pro Tam, Mookarin Ladgratok or Pro Nook, and Wichanee Meechai or Pro Jan—received a warm welcome from Thongchai Jaidee, or Pro Chang, who is the first global brand ambassador of BETAGRO Group, to the BETAGRO family at the BETAGRO Tower, Bangkok.

Mr. Vasit revealed that as a leading food producer, BETAGRO is committed to producing high quality and safety food products under the theme “Quality for Life”. Since BETAGRO has become an internationally recognized Thai brand, one of its main focuses is on promoting and developing a “quality people” both inside and outside the organization, including customers, partners, and affiliates. In 2009, BETAGRO officially began sponsoring the golf sport by appointing its first global brand ambassador, Pro Thongchai Jaidee. Pro Thongchai is a golfer who elevates golf’s status as one of the mainstream sports in Thailand and creates great reputation for himself and Thailand by winning many competitions on the world stage. Currently, he is No. 54 in the World Golf Ranking and remains No. 1 in Thailand.

Later, BETAGRO Group had opportunities to welcome another 3 quality golfers as members of the global brand ambassador family, including Moriya Jutanugarn or Pro Mo and Ariya Jutanugarn or Pro May, who recently won the female golfer of the year 2016 award or Rolex Player of The Year and climbed to the No. 2 in the World Golf Ranking. 
The latest member was Kiradech Aphibarnrat or Pro Arm, whose performance is equally remarkable, currently claiming No. 80 in the World Golf Ranking.

The success story of this project reinforces BETAGRO’s belief that “quality people” are such a valuable resource and essential to the development of a country. With the right support, these “quality people” will be able to sharpen their skills and increase their potential to seize more opportunities, becoming successful. Hence, it comes the “BETAGRO PRO GOLF QUALITY” project which aims to support young Thai golfers to have the opportunity to step into world-class golf
tournaments, weaving their dreams to become world’s champions, bringing fame and pride to the people of Thailand.

During this first period, 6 golfers have been appointed to join BETAGRO PRO GOLF QUALITY project. The selection criteria are skills and integrity. In other words, the chosen golfers must have potential and capacity to improve their performance, as well as 
moral and behaviors that are socially acceptable. The selection committee includes the management team of BETAGRO, with assistance from a senior pro golfer Thongchai Jaidee or Pro Chang, and Mr. Jakrapong Thongyai, the assistant manager of the sports department of Boonrawd Brewery Limited, who is also specialized in golf.

With this BETAGRO PRO GOLF QUALITY project, BETAGRO Group has so far supported 10 golfers, increasing from the original 4 world-class golfers as global brand ambassadors, who are Pro Chang – Thongchai Jaidee, Pro Arm – Kiradech Aphibarnrat, Pro Mo – Moriya Jutanugarn, and Pro May – Ariya Jutanugarn.

BETAGRO Group believes that the support for the “quality people” such as these new generation golfers in the BETAGRO PRO GOLF QUALITY project will serve as an encouragement for other golfers to improve their skills and help open up more opportunities for golfers in Thailand to enter the global competitions, leading to a new leaf of the Thai golf history. Ultimately, it is hope that the “quality people” will bring pride, fame and happiness to the people of Thailand. This aim directly corresponds to the concept of BETAGRO Group, “Quality for Life,” that the company has cherished for 50 years.

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Betagro Group is one of the country’s leaders in integrated agricultural business covering animal feed, livestock, animal health products as well as quality food products for export and domestic use. The Group is committed to meeting the different needs of consumers under the corporate vision “Quality for Life”. Backed by a range of internationally recognised products as well as its global reputation in quality and food safety, more multinational food manufacturers have partnered with Betagro to produce food products for export to many developed markets such as Japan, the UK, Hong Kong, the EU and Scandinavian countries.

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