Chulalongkorn University Set the International Street Festival for New Year Celebration


Chulalongkorn University Set the International Street Festival for New Year Celebration

Chulalongkorn University is to organize an international street show all over Siam Square areas during December 22-23 this year to celebrate the Christmas & New year 2013.

Organized in collaboration with Work Point Entertainment, the We Love Siam Square annual activity will highlight Siam Street Fest that will include international street performances, Graffiti wall painting arts and special discount offered by shops at Siam Square.

“From noon till midnight, Thai and foreigner will enjoy the largest entertaining event ever held at Siam Square or even to show their own talents” said Assoc.Prof.Gp.Capt.Permyot Kosolbhand, M.D.Vice President of Chulalongkorn University Property Management Office, Chulalongkorn University 

According to Dr.Permyot, Siam Square has long been one of the most visited areas of Thailand and is famous internationally. Chulalongkorn University, owner of the Siam Square land, recognizes the need to promote Siam Square as the place for all walks of life.

Siam Street Fest demonstrates the idea by adding activities suited for the young and whole family members such as biking around Chula and Siam Square and the provision of a special area where young talent present their shows.

We Love Siam Square – Siam Street Fest comprises five main activities;

  1. SuperStreet Show – the performance of 25 creative shows from various countries at seven locations within Siam Square including at Park@Siam in front of Hard Rock Café, Digital Gateway and Lido theatre.
  2. International Start Parade – a colorful extravaganza parade on both 22 and 23 December from 1500 hours till midnight.
  3. Street Show Street You – individual shows by young talent.
  4. Street Wall – Graffiti wall painting arts show at 11 different locations within Siam Square.
  5. Siam Square Super Sale – the special discount offered to shoppers by more than 90 shops at Siam Square.

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